I am grateful for the coolest AHA moment yesterday as I was driving down the 15 in San Diego to tackle all my errands. Is it okay if I share it with you here? I had one of those full circle moments where everything came together and literally as my brain got the message a rainbow appeared like a gift of confirmation.

After losing my corporate job 5 years ago, not finding work and going through a major depression as well as losing my savings, retirement and running up all of my credit cards, I began to combine walking out in nature with gratitude statements. Soon, I totally changed my mindset and was able to find the value in every single situation. I studied to become a Life Coach, wrote and published two books about gratitude, and spoke at many events teaching the importance of gratitude and how it's the first step in the Laws of Attraction to manifest abundance and bliss.

When we received our Notice of Trustee Sale last December I knew that everything was going to be okay. It was scary, don't get me wrong. Anxiety squared... And yet at the same time, I felt calm, wrote out affirmations to keep our home which is nestled in the hills of San Diego and continued on my gratitude journey.

In February of this year I started making my own natural and pure skin care products that helped people with their blemishes. It started with an acne balm and soon included anti-aging creams for Age Spots, Wrinkles, Scars, Eczema - a lot of the issues that people deal with, including myself, that leave all of us feeling a little less than.

Because of my coaching background and my well traveled road toward gratitude I often have mini sessions in my booth at various events and farmer's markets. Many times the first words that I hear are filled with negativity and rejection which come from a self-deprecating voice that doesn't allow hope and opportunity. If we don't open ourselves up to possibilities what pleasures and growth might we miss?

The cosmetic industry makes billions of dollars every year by promising results. We have become skeptical after buying into the marketing, seeing the 20 year old model without blemishes and then when we get the tube of magic home and don't look twenty again, we're crestfallen and make the decision - NEVER AGAIN! Sound familiar?

Fast forward to my AHA Moment of Awareness yesterday -

Most people believe their identity is in their face and their body. In other words, their physical form. This is what they lead with. If this is marred, scarred, blemished, too fat or too skinny then we feel less than and our focus changes to what we are NOT instead of what and who we ARE.

What I do is offer simple, natural solutions that really do work! I've seen too many people with powerful results coming back and sharing their story and the difference that healing makes to their outward appearance. Once the healing takes place on the outside we are more confident to be ourselves and share with others our real identity and lead from the heart.

So, in essence I am helping others discover who they really are. By connecting with their heart-centered voice, finding their gratitude and amplifying their positive energy they are able to manifest and step into their purpose and passion.

My goal is to open everyone's eyes and allow them to see themselves as we do; beautiful, compassionate, loving, positive beings with gifts to offer the world.

Please do not concentrate on your muffin top, the bags under your eyes, the acne that scars your face or the cellulite that keeps you away from the beach. Hear your laughter, watch your face light up when you smile and embrace the people that support you with new found love and appreciation.

THAT is my purpose and passion and how the turmoil of the last five years has brought me full circle to NOW.


Want to know what kind of healing solutions I offer? Check out Aunt Be Botanicals and discover your hidden potential!

_Since this is black history month, I would like to share a story about Rosa Parks that you might not know. Way before the infamous bus ride in which she refused to give up her seat in 1954 to a white man, Rosa Parks was attacked and almost raped by a white man who was her employer. She worked as a domestic in his home at the tender age of 18.

With no one to turn to for help and having no options for recourse through the law, Rosa used this experience to propel her forward in helping other victims who were left shattered and feeling as though they got what they deserved. Did you know she actually worked for the NAACP in the fifties? As a matter of fact, she was in the process of bringing justice to a group of white men who had kidnapped and gang raped a young woman and then left her for dead.

With that experience of tragedy and similar stories of violence against people of color, Ms. Parks developed a fierce courage and refused to back down. She used this quiet strength to investigate and press charges against many while continuously battling the lack of law enforcement or compassion for victims who had no options or resources.

In my book, "Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan" I use her story on Day 10 to illustrate the ability to use a tragedy to find the greatness within. To go from victim to warrior.

How might this show up in your own life?

Are there circumstances and events that have given you the resolve to help others, challenge authority, fight large and lopsided battles or stand up for yourself and others? Maybe it's even as simple as facing the fear of unemployment, foreclosure and debt collectors, knowing that you have a dream inside that nobody can destroy. Perhaps it's the people you've met, another door opened where one had closed, this led to that, etc.

I invite you to look at your life experiences in a different way and realize how tragedy has led to strength. Look, we've all had horrible things happen to us. Instead of holding on to that pain, let the light in and begin to find the gratitude underneath.

Who are you grateful for being because of those circumstances?
What are you grateful for doing as a result?
How has this experience propelled you forward?

Here's your gratitude assignment today, sports fans: When we watch opposing teams come together and chase the pigskin across the turf I invite you to see the similarities in your own life. Are there moments when you think you have the ball firmly gripped and are running toward a touchdown and then WHAM - all of a sudden you're laying flat on your back staring up at the heavens and all of your teammates are staring down at you?

When we watch this being played out on the big-screen, there is a great sense of relief when the player gets up. Even if they're hobbling or taking a ride on the emergency golf cart. Fans on both sides of the stadium stand up to cheer. Some of us even send up prayers of healing so our boys can kick his butt again, when he's stronger. Many of us like the competition in sports and the camaraderie and close knit connection within our community.

I have spent a few moments on the ground wondering what the heck happened as my fingers stretched painfully for the missing piece that I thought I held so close to my heart. I'm sure you have, too! When we find ourselves in an unconscious state, we often want to look around and search for someone or something else to blame for our fall. Then we step into the dangerous backslide of shoulda, woulda and coulda.

In the locker room the coach will show the replay and point out the holes and the openings to give the fallen teammates the lessons of hindsight and awareness. This opens up their peripheral so they understand and see all the options they have available to them in the millisecond of making a decision. They don't stay in a state of blame and loss. They come back together with a new energy and fierce bond that locks arms with all who support them. Wives, parents, children, teammates, fans, reporters and even opposing members in the game feel the connection and dedication.

So, next time you are in the prone position missing your goal and having a hard time catching your breath, look up and see who is supporting you, encouraging you, applauding your success and willing to help you find the ball and kick some ass! Get up! You can do it! I have faith in you! You are strong!

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Writing Gratitude Statements
I am grateful for who I am, what I have and how I help others!
Who you used to be and what you used to have don't matter anymore.

Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan!


When living with fear, anger, worry, sadness, and depression, life will become full of self-loathing and negativity. Turn it all around with GRATITUDE. Amplify the positive by focusing on nature, beauty, awareness, love and all the abundance you have rather than the lack. Once you begin to appreciate and have gratitude, your mindset will shift and you will begin to notice more and more to be grateful for! No matter what is hitting the fan...

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Beverlee Harbour Gopp

Bev and 21st century book marketing event (2)   
After losing my job, savings, and confidence I became fearful, angry and depressed. Gratitude saved my life and marriage when I started writing everything I was grateful for.

Today I am living my purpose with passion and bliss!

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Be Grateful

Be Grateful Book CoverAn inspirational book of gratitude reminders reflecting the most important lessons when looking inward. Beautiful photography and close-ups of nature are on every page. Each sentence is a lullaby on the breeze as the poetic stanzas encircle the heart.

Hello {FIRST_NAME|Grateful One},

By now you've probably had an opportunity to digest some of the many ways to show and feel all that you are grateful for. Whether you bought my book, Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan or are using a notebook to write out your gratitude statements, I hope you have experienced the magnification of the positive energy you are creating by doing so.

My desire is to motivate you in creating a gratitude list every single day, no matter what. Even when you have a crappy day and are having a hard time coming up with something to be grateful for.  This is the time when it serves you and those you love, the best.

Research has shown that we have between 45,000-60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of those thoughts are negative. Rather than working on decreasing the negative and sometimes ingrained imagery and perception - focus on the positive abundance that you are currently experiencing.

AND if you say to yourself, "What abundance?" Give yourself a little slap to the head and look around. There's always someone else that is experiencing life with a lot more difficulty than you. Who you used to be and what you used to have don't matter anymore. Who are you now? What do you have now? Who do you love and who loves you?

Laws of Attraction

031109 218 - Copy

Remember what we project - we reflect! So if you're worrying about bills, money, relationships, children, unemployment, and the same ten pounds you want to lose and always gain back - what do you think you will attract?  

More money or more bills?

If you're feeling fat you will not attract thin.

Reframing The Negative to The Positive

Money Issues:  
I am grateful I have enough to eat.
I am grateful I have a bed, pillow and blankets.    
I am grateful I have a roof over my head.                  
I am grateful that I was able to pay my bills today.
I am grateful I was able to buy groceries.                  
I am grateful that I was able to help someone.

I am grateful to feel loved.                  
I am grateful to show my love to others.                      
I am grateful my friends can count on me.                 
I am grateful for my family.                                              
I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.               
I am grateful for the warmth of a hug.

I am grateful for this free time.    
I am grateful to reinvent myself.                                     
I am grateful for so many new opportunities.            
I am grateful for all the referrals.                                    
I am grateful to learn new skills.                                      
I am grateful to discover who I am.

I am grateful I exercised today.                     
I am grateful that I made healthy decisions.               
I am grateful for the new low-fat recipe.                      
I am grateful that my muscles feel strong.                  
I am grateful that I feel so encouraged.                       
I am grateful that my body is responding.
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_Recently I auditioned for the Vagina Monologues. If you're not familiar with the Eve Ensler play, it's very moving as this one woman show takes on the voice of many women and their own experiences of curiosity, shame, sexual encounters and personal power. The experience was totally out of the box for me and has brought me such an awareness about my own feminine energy that I have begun having amazing vagina conversations. It's a complete departure from my normal talk of gratitude and yet it always comes back to that; gratitude for who we are and recognizing our strength through our personal stories.

The part of the dialogue that I recited during tryouts was in the beginning of the play when she is in a workshop with the instructions for all the participants to find theirs with a hand-held mirror. Now as horrifying and embarrassing as this may be for most of us, it's also amazing how little we know about our own. It's in this context that she realizes that she has given her vagina to someone else. The responsibility for her happiness (orgasm) has been entrusted to her partner. The fantasy that someone else will do it for her is an epiphany of awareness as she realizes she gave up her vagina long ago.

Most of us learned to walk on egg shells as young girls as we bent our mood to match the mood of the house, which usually meant, our father figures... We learned to become whatever was required to seek approval and ultimately love. Think of how much we change and become immersed into a new relationship, all of a sudden liking and doing whatever HE likes to do. Is the opposite true?

Because men have outies, and own it, touch it, talk about it, play with it and have no embarrassment or qualms about their penises, they don't often carry the shame and embarrassment that we do about our own body parts. AND, interestingly enough, they usually know way more about ours than we do. Many of us have only seen our own during childbirth when it is engorged and actively pulsating in a life force dance of love. While that is such a beautiful experience, it also doesn't represent 'down there' in the best light.

So today I would like to offer this new idea or awareness of your own vigantic female amazingness. As you give voice to what She might say and feel and realize that you are in the driver's seat at mission control, you might notice she wakes up and takes notice. That there is a buzzing, vibrating, tingling awareness that is not sexual at all. It is an awakening. This is your connection to source. The root chakra. A spiritual opening and beginning. Life force. Creation.

Wow, we are really something!
I begin my journey with a destination.
A goal.
Steps taken toward something.
My focus changes.
Fuzzy at the edges, looking down.
The heat of the day on my head and back, radiating toward my heart.
Sweet love opens me up as my gifts are shared and the healing begins.
My life is perfect!
I circle around and around and around again.
Repeated steps.
Pain turns into ease.
Goose bumps from spirit acknowledging my knowing.
Curves that started as question marks become commas.
A continuation.
The beginning becomes the end and turns into the beginning again.

How like life the labyrinth is.
_Gratitude I'm a big fan of the reality show, Survivor. Whether you are or not, after 23 episodes, most people are familiar with the slogan, "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast." It's an interesting phenomenon as greed, drama, controversy, challenges, alliances and starvation all play a factor. Even though it is reality t.v. I wonder how many times in our own lives we are governed by some of the same emotions and issues. Even with players like this season's Brandon and Coach who publicly proclaimed a game of honesty, integrity and the intention of playing with a Christian mindset, there is strategy and heartbreak as the goal of a million dollars gets closer.

Where have I fallen down in my own life of survivor and not followed through with good intention and instead allowed fear to win? Survivor brings out many facets of complex issues and luckily most of us don't have to be pitted against each other as we're forced to vote off members of our own team and family. Or is there a similarity in real life as we face unemployment, foreclosure, a shattered economy and the depression and anger of a whole country?

This is where gratitude comes in. It keeps you centered. If gives you focus. Allow gratitude to amplify the positivity. Don't let the fear of losing stifle you and change you into someone you are not proud of being.

Thirty days, that's all I ask for. Give me thirty days and your commitment to write down ten gratitude statements every single day and I promise you, your life will change!! http://amzn.to/owYTg0
__ For some reason I always seem to find more reasons to be grateful for my husband around the holidays. I don't know if it's the cold weather which prompts this recognition as he's chopping wood, building fires and doing other manly-man chores that I notice. Or maybe it's the fact that he brings me socks when my feet are cold and tucks a blanket around me.  It's not like he fans me in the summer heat.  Or brings me mint juleps. Dewey, is just one of those guys. Considerate. Loving. Caring.

Don't get me wrong, he's not perfect. Sometimes he can be stubborn, forgetful and short tempered. But then, so can I. What is it about relationships that when we first get together we gush all over the place and deem everything they do as wonderful and incredible. Then slowly the golden luster fades and it seems we just take our significant others for granted. Remember when you used to leave notes for each other or just call to say, "I love you?"  What happened? When did we stop noticing all the little things?

I have an amazing husband and even as the author of two gratitude books, I don't always  tell him how grateful I am for his support, love and attention. So, let's make a commitment. For the next thirty days find something each day that your guy has done or said and acknowledge that gesture by expressing your gratitude. Mix it up a little and leave him a note, text him your appreciation or call him to let him know how much that meant to you.

Did you know that research has proven that being grateful actually raises your happy meter  by increasing your serotonin  level?  I wonder how thirty days of gratitude will affect your relationship...  Will you let me know how it goes?

Beverlee Harbour Gopp, Speaker, Motivational Coach and Author of Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan

Amazon Link:  http://amzn.to/owYTg0

eBook Link: http://bit.ly/po4jvf

If you enjoy daily inspiration and gratitude LIKE the Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Facebook page at:

Here's an example of sharing some gratitude for her guy that I came across today on Facebook. Thank you, Becca, for letting us re-post.

Rebecca Straka: I have the best husband in the world. Not only does he do more than enough for us, he's not selfish and helps everyone else and doesn't complain about it. Thank you Ryan, for being such a great man! And for making me smile when I don't want to smile. Times are tough and he goes above and beyond to make it work. I love you--he'll laugh at me for putting this on fb but I had to...

When the day is heavy and dark with clouds
The silence of doubt seems all around.
For in the stillness of my own thoughts
Comes the surrender of fear, cornered and caught.

I let go of worries, one by one
My journey of gratitude has just begun.

The gift inside is bright and sunny
Words of love and dipped in honey.

I want the world to see their happiness, no matter what
Whether full of life's abundance or trapped in a rut.
It's easy to be grateful when things are great
What of the times when one hesitates?

Even in darkness one can shine their own light
Just turn on the memories and focus on delight.
When the day feels ominous and full of rain
It's up to us to move forward and release the pain.

After the rain when the air is clean
It's a new beginning with hopes and dreams.
A reminder of growth with contrast and change
Polarity of emotions doesn't really seem strange.

Without the bitterness of heartbreak, how would one love
And open one's heart to the blue skies above?
I see the possibilities in all that I do.
The universe is infinite and so are you.

After the rain think of who you can be,
A gift to the world that we all want to see!

Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan!
Facebook Fan Page - Choose Gratitude


Today I am grateful for the reflection I see,

Through wrinkles and age spots, I am still me.

The poet of a teenager with a heart that is pure,

I share words of gratitude as my own mental cure.

I look at my image and my perfect size eight,

Yet magazine photos can cause inner hate.

I might have a muffin top and larger thighs,

Is that fairly judged, to just rely on my size?

I like brownies and adore chocolate fudge.

If I enjoy pleasure must I carry a grudge?

To walk around with voices of regret and sorrow,

How will I live happily with all my tomorrow's?

Whatever your weight and your own inner thoughts,

Please be kind to yourself and untie the knots.

Remember to smile when you see yourself back,

Be grateful for what you have and not what you lack!